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Caroline K was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She later moved to Los Angeles where she attended MKC Beauty Academy and received her certification. After graduating, she began her career working as a makeup artist and hair stylist lead for a wedding makeup and hair styling team.


After extensive training, Caroline K bettered her skills at Sephora as a Senior Artist and worked at MAC Cosmetics, teaching and doing makeup for clients. While working for MAC Cosmetics, Caroline K received her certification from the San Jose City College Cosmetology Program in 2015 and is now a licensed Cosmetologist. She can provide services such as hairstyling, haircuts, and coloring.

In 2018, Caroline K opened her salon, House of Colours. She is working as a salon owner and hairstylist along side other independent stylists. During her free time, she loves tending to all her plants, taking care of her fur babies, and enjoys snowboarding during the winter season.

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